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Entabeni is an integrated lifestyle node situated in Limpopo, 90 minutes from Polokwane and 2 hours from Pretoria. Set within a tranquil, natural setting boasting changing vistas, diverse eco-systems and a breath-taking mountainous backdrop, Entabeni is the integration of a 22,000 hectare Big 5 Game Reserve, a resort, luxurious lodges, Championship golf course and a complete residential offering. The residential and lifestyle brands within Entabeni Reserve, Garingani Estate and Mountain’s Mark and the will encompass Big 5, wildlife, equestrian, aviation and golf living combined with education and retail.


Find 7 unique bush lodges within the Entabeni Reserve, offering a tasteful fusion of a luxury hideaway and the African wilderness. Under a fractional ownership scheme, each lodge is deliberately set in its own exquisite location and is the ideal choice for a second home-away-from-home or a holiday getaway. Located within the Entabeni Reserve means each lodge offers unique and exclusive access to the Big 5 experience. Live a luxury Big 5 lifestyle in one of our 7 stylish lodges.

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The Entabeni Sports Club is a comprehensive sports facility which houses a range of sports training facilities for swimming, cycling, running and athletics as well as a tennis academy. The facility will also include a rugby and cricket pitch, bowling green, shooting range and equestrian facilities.

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This unique leisure destination welcomes all travellers, whether it be for a holiday getaway, business trip, golf or Big 5 safari experience. Stay at Legend and enjoy a range of activities within the Entabeni Reserve. Golfers will relish the opportunity to tee off from the Extreme 19th hole or play a round on the 18-hole Signature Golf Course. Those looking for the wilderness experience can go on game drives and guided bush walks or spend the night star gazing under a blanket of diamonds in the sky. Those seeking adventure and a different perspective can experience scenic helicopter flights or a hot-air balloon safari and have the chance to spot big game from the sky. Choose to take pause and immerse yourself in tranquillity at the spa.

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Part of our promise to give back, the Legend African is a non-profitable entity which strives to make a positive difference to communities surrounding Entabeni Safari Conservancy in the Waterberg region, through poverty alleviation, skills development, education and sport. Our current and ongoing projects include our Supporting the Schools initiative, the Computer School, life skills projects, Legend Foundation Musical Performers, Sports Academy and Training, donations to Santa’s Shoebox and 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day.

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The overarching vision for Entabeni is to introduce an inclusive school life and multi-cultural learning environment for residents and their children. Those who school at Entabeni will learn skills that are far-reaching into life, with focus on sport, artisan trade, agriculture, hospitality and culture.

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A multi-cultural learning environment


Life lessons “Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.” – John Lubbock The overarching vision …


Entabeni will have its very own education campus


Live and learn Entabeni offers the unique opportunity to reside within nature and experience it in all its glory. Going beyond providing an authentic big 5 lifestyle, Entabeni is building a community of like-minded individuals through a dynamic …


South Africa’s last free-roaming Wild Dogs


It is not well known that Africa’s wild dogs are under threat. In fact, they are so threatened that there is only one free roaming wild pack left in South Africa. What this means is that these dogs …



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