Introducing Entabeni Campus

Pre-school, Primary and High school

The overarching vision for Entabeni is to introduce an inclusive school life and multi-cultural learning environment for residents, their children, learners from the local community and surrounding areas, as well as students from the metropolis and abroad. Those who school at Entabeni will learn enduring life skills in addition to a choice of general academic education, agri-sciences, artisan trade, technology, hospitality, sport and culture.

With development already underway, the Entabeni Campus plans to open its first phase of enrolment in 2021, for 120 learners ranging from Grade 8 and 9. This is just the first phase of the greater vision for Entabeni Campus and will provide 60 boarding rooms for all the successfully enrolled pupils, as well as a number of rooms for teachers. This foundation stage is set to be operational by 2021 and run by one of the country’s leading private educational institutions.

Phase 2 will follow in 2022 to 2023, where the Entabeni Campus will ultimately be able to accommodate 1000 students from pre-primary school through to secondary school. Thereafter, Phase 3 will introduce tertiary education and create a learning eco-system that will set individuals up with practical skills and extensive knowledge to prepare them for the working world.

Entabeni Campus takes learning far beyond the classroom, allowing learners to live in amongst nature, as well as have the opportunity to be schooled ‘under the stars’.

Hospitality College

With so many world-class dining venues at Entabeni, we want to ensure that our students have industry-leading opportunities to gain extensive knowledge and skills in the culinary arts.

Agriculture and Conservation College

Entabeni boasts 22 000 hectares of natural beauty, of which a main portion of that needs to be protected and conserved. We have collaborated with agricultural and conservation specialists, whose passion and knowledge is so unique and respected in their industries, that we can ensure our students will receive exceptional, practical experiences and skills.

Trade College

Trade skills are in demand in South Africa and across the globe. Our Trade College prides itself on upskilling students, staff and the local community with specialised knowledge and experience in trades such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical, building and carpentry. This will assist with job creation in the immediate area and provide community upliftment.


A well establish University brand is looking at making Entabeni Campus its home. Imagine a life where you can live, study, play and work in the bushveld.

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